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Mother and Daughter
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918 West 7th Street

Auburn, Indiana 46706


Monday - 9am-5pm

Tuesday - 11am-7pm

Wednesday-Friday - 9am-5pm

2107 N. Wayne Street

Angola, Indiana 46703


Tuesday-Thursday - 10am-7pm

Friday-Monday - Closed

9107 W. 5th Street

Auburn, Indiana 46706


Monday-Friday - 8am-5pm

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I NEED TO TALK Finding out you are pregnant can cause a lot of overwhelming feelings and stress. Talking to someone can help you work through your feelings so you can make good decisions. Click the icon to the right to find more resources from private chat 24/7 to counselors who are trained to help.

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AM I PREGNANT If you think you might be pregnant, it’s important to find out for sure. Before you can apply for Medicaid or assistance, you will need to have your pregnancy verified. Click the icon to the right to find the places where you can get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound.

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WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS You are being faced with the most important decision of your life….to be a Mom! Right now it might seem very overwhelming, but know that giving life to your child will change your life in a lot of ways….but mostly it will be the most beautiful part of your life! Think about it…your child may give you grandchildren someday! We know it is hard to understand the beauty of giving birth to your beautiful baby, but trust in your instincts….Life was given to you by your mom and dad…Life is meant to be!

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WELCOMING MY BABY There are lots of things you need when you are pregnant, from maternity clothes to a crib, diapers, a car seat and clothing. It can seem overwhelming, but there are lots of resources who can set you up with free baby supplies.

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I NEED A DOCTOR If you are pregnant, you need to see a doctor, which is called prenatal care. This is not only important to keep your baby healthy, but to make sure you are healthy too. You may have a lot of questions about insurance or where to find a doctor. Click the icon to the right to find ansawers to all of your questions.

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OTHER RESOURCES Being a mother can be very overwhelming when you have to support not only yourself, but another human being. There are many, many resources available to you, and a lot of them are free. We have put together additional resources so you don’t have to find them, they are here for you to utilize!

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Miriam's Blessing is a ministry whose purpose is to provide comprehensive support to parents who receive a poor prenatal diagnosis.

Scenic and simple angel made out of stone on a grave of a child in a cemetery during golde

Ava’s grace is a ministry that offers spiritual, emotional and practical support to families who suffer miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.

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Project Rachel is a program that offers hope and healing for all those who suffer from the pain of abortion and its aftermath.

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