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Serving our Parish Community through Prayer, Works and Financial Support.


All women of the parish are considered members of the Altar and Rosary Society.  Just come to any meeting to get connected.  

Or contact Marilyn Karpinski (our current president) to find out more.  email Marilyn


 May    2nd Board Meeting

 9th Meeting

 18th Confirmation 7 pm

 June   6th Board Meeting

            13th Meeting

            23rd Rummage Set-up Butler Bldg

            24th Rummage Sale Collection Starts

            26th Rummage Set-up St. Francis Hall

Meetings in St. Francis (parish) hall.

All women of the parish are considered members, so come and see.

Service, Fellowship and Fun

2023 officers

President: Marilyn Karpinski

Vice President: Carol Kent

Treasurer: Rose Nelson

Recording Secretary: Susan Schneider

Corresponding Secretary: Jan Swenson

Membership Coordinator: Annette Calloway

Altar & Rosary Prayer
Consecration to Mary

My Queen and My Mother,

I give myself entirely to you;

And to show my devotion to you,

I consecrate to you this day.


My eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart,

My whole being without reserve.

Wherefore, good Mother,

as I am your own

Keep me, guard me,

as your property and possession.


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